The plan is to host this event in physical format. However, if due to COVID-19 or public health/regulatory/social reasons, HKIFA is prevented from hosting this event in physical format (fully or partially), HKIFA has the full right to host this event virtually and/or in other format(s). Please find the fees below and select your mode of participation in the form below:

Physical (In-person) Virtual
Members of HKIFA / Endorsing Organizations / Other Funds Associations /
Staff of other Fund Associations
HK$3,900 per person* HK$1,500 per person
Standard Fee HK$5,500 per person* HK$2,000 per person

* The fee includes the conference cost, lunch, refreshment and conference documentations.
10% discount will be offered for 10 or more enrollees from the same firm. (Please download the group registration form HERE.)


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Important notes - Changes in the format of attendance:
  • If in the end, the event has to be hosted virtually (fully or partially) for public health, regulatory, social or other reasons and physical attendance is not possible, HKIFA will refund HK$2,400 [Member category] (or HK$3,500 [Standard category]) to the paid delegates after the event (i.e. we will only charge the virtual attendance pricing of HK$1,500/HK$2,000 respectively).
  • If a delegate signs up to attend physically and eventually chooses to attend virtually even though the event can be held physically, he/she still has to pay the full fare (i.e. HK$3,900 [Member category]; or HK$5,500 [Standard category]).
  • If a delegate signs up to attend the event virtually, but wishes to attend in-person in the end, he/she has to pay the full fare (i.e. HK$3,900 or HK$5,500, whichever is applicable).

Personal data are gathered in accordance with the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance. The personal data collected may be used for statistical purposes, and for marketing of HKIFA's own events/activities. Also, the delegate list (name, title & company name only and without contact details) will be made available to the event sponsors. Please be rest assured that HKIFA/Plus Concepts will not provide your contact details to any third parties. HKIFA/Plus Concepts will cease to use the personal data for any purposes if you request us to do so and accordingly the personal data will be erased and/or destroyed.

Please check this box if you do NOT want your personal data to be used by HKIFA for marketing of its own events/activities.
Please check this box if you do NOT wish to have your information released to the sponsors.

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Reminder to member companies and other relevant parties to comply with Competition Ordinance

Participants must at all times be mindful of and comply with their responsibilities under the competition law and rules [including during the break travelling to and from and attending any HKIFA meetings or events].

In particular, participants must not discuss or disclose any commercially sensitive information (including details of prices, sales volumes, strategy, internal business policies and processes, client lists and details) with any other participants in violation of the competition law and rules.

If any participant has any concerns about the nature of any discussion between participants/relevant parties, whether during the meeting/event itself or during any break or travel to or from the meeting/event, they should immediately contact the HKIFA office and report the concern to your legal advisor as well as the HKIFA office.