About HKIB

The Hong Kong Institute of Bankers (The HKIB) has been serving the local banking community in the provision of education and training since 1963. In 1995, with the encouragement and support of the local banking community, the Institute declared its independence from its parent institute in UK. With an independent status, the Institute is able to better serve the training needs of the bankers in the region and to reflect the importance of Hong Kong as an international financial center.

The continuous professional development program, which comprises of professional examinations and training courses, has helped bank employees to make advancements in their banking career, and is valued by most of them who are determined to strengthen their knowledge base.

In view of the changing landscape of the banking industry in Hong Kong, the importance of continuous professional development and education in this competitive financial market has gained increasing attention. The professional examinations and training programs are offered for members or bank staffs to equip with the essential skills and knowledge to help them "fast-track" their management career.

For more information, please visit: http://www.hkib.org/