Innovation – in the context of the fund management industry

You are invited to enroll into the 8th HKIFA annual conference to be held on November 3rd, 2014 (Monday) from 8:50 a.m. to 4:50 p.m. at the JW Marriott Hotel, Hong Kong.  

With the theme "Innovation", this year's conference will have a list of distinguished speakers/panelists from the authorities and the industry to share insights on what does innovation mean for the fund management industry.   We will explore the implications to the value chain - from product development to middle and back office; from sales and marketing to client relationship management.   We will look at how managers have been revamping the business models to navigate all the changes; and how they can work more closely with the stakeholder groups to effectively leverage on these opportunities. 

Event highlights include:

       - How to further foster the development of the Hong Kong fund management industry?
       - Financial innovation - implications on the regulatory front
       - Innovation in distribution - will there be disruption?
       - Regional cooperation, including the various fund passport initiatives
       - Product innovation - how to balance risk management and growth?
       - Leveraging operational innovation to deal with business issues
       - The future pension development in Hong Kong

Securities & Futures Commission Hong Kong 5.5 CPT Hours*
Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority 1 Core CPD Hour**
The Law Society of Hong Kong
5.5 CPD Points***

*Subject to individual company's compliance approval.  Delegates will be required to keep all such documentary evidence to support your attendance such as certificates of attendance. The SFC may request you to produce such documentary evidence as and when required.

**For the Panel: "The future pension development in Hong Kong". According to the MPFA's Guidelines on Continuing Training for Subsidiary Intermediaries, Non-core CPD activities are any continuing training activity which is approved or accepted by an industry regulator (including SFC), the Insurance Agents Registration Board or the relevant insurance broker body for the purpose of maintaining the Type B regulatee status of the subsidiary intermediary. As such, participants also can obtain 4.5 non-core CPD hours by attending the conference.

***Law Society CPD Requirements
Please sign in and sign out at the registration desk at the following times:
    - Before the conference starts (at or before 8:50am);
    - After the conference ends (at or after 4:50pm).
With effect from 1 November 2008, a practitioner should not claim any CPD points if he is absent (excluding scheduled breaks) for more than 30 minutes for a course of 3 hours or more in duration. Please be reminded to update your Mandatory CPD Training Records with the CPD points for the course and to keep them up-to-date.

This conference may be recognised as a qualified CPD activity for the Insurance Intermediaries Quality Assurance Scheme ("IIQAS") CPD Programme (Note A). However, we do not warrant that the attendance of this conference would automatically be recognised as complying with the IIQAS CPD requirements as different self-regulatory organisations ("SRO") may have different requirements. If in doubt, the insurance intermediaries should contact their SRO for clarification.

Note A: 
CPD courses organized or formally approved by the specified professional bodies (including the Law Society of Hong Kong) for their own CPD programmes can also be recognized as qualified CPD activities for the IIQAS CPD Programme, without the need to be further approved by the IIQAS CPD Programme assessment authority, if they relate to local insurance (or related) legislation, regulatory aspects of insurance practice in Hong Kong, insurance, actuarial science, risk management, financial planning, or other disciplines which are directly related to the work of insurance intermediaries, such as investment, law and legal knowledge, finance, business, commerce, management, engineering or communication skills. Generally, one CPD hour can be earned for each hour’s participation in these activities. For more information, please see the IIQAS CPD Information Sheet issued by the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance

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