Korea Exchange (Yeouido)   한국거래소 (여의도 소재)

Connecting the FIX Community

You are invited to join the GlobalTrading Face2Face Electronic Trading Forum to be held in Seoul this November. Following the great success of the regional forums in the past few years, GlobalTrading returns to Seoul this year with another educational, industry driven forum to bring you the latest on information and trends in electronic trading in Korea and globally.

Conference will be conducted in Korean and English. Simultaneous interpretation provided.

The GlobalTrading Face2Face Forum Seoul이 오는 2014년 11월 13일 서울에서 개최됩니다. 
본 행사의 관심 있는 기업, 기관 및 담당자 분들은 서둘러 신청하시길 바랍니다.

꾸준한 성공적인 개최를 보이고 있는 GlobalTrading Face2Face Forums은 한국은 물론 전세계에서 사용되는
electronic trading관련 최신 정보 및 트렌드를 배울수 있는 금융업계에 새로운 정보제공의 장이 될 것입니다.

동시통역 서비스와 헤드셋이 제공됩니다.


• The Industry Trend in Equities and Derivatives Markets
• Issues Faced by the Korean Trading Community
• Tackling the Cost, Regulatory and Technology Challenges
• Algorithmic Trading Trend
• TCA - The Latest Updates
• The Latest Initiatives of the FIX Trading Community

Who Should Attend 참가대상

Solution provider
Exchange and Regulator

Dealer/Traders, Sales Trading, COO, IT Managers, Execution Sales, Technologist & Connectivity, Market Supervision, Operations and Compliance.



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