Shanghai - 27 June 2013

Connecting the FIX Community

GlobalTrading Face2Face论坛自2008年举办以来,已有超过2000名业界代表积极参于,其中包括券商及基金公司、技术方案供应商、交易所等等。论坛由国际金融信息交换协定机构FIX Protocol Ltd. (FPL)支持下举办,为与会者带来电子交易、FIX信息交换、技术发展、监管法规、交易操作和趋势等提供最新资讯及进行探讨。本会作为一个互动平台,与会者与电子交易专家可充分交流经验,共同进步提高。

会议费用: 免费 (含自助午餐) - 座位有限,只供业内人士参加

日期: 二零一三年六月二十七日(星期四)
地点: 上海锦江汤臣洲济大酒店
形式: 座谈会及展览,附有午餐会
语言: 英语及普通话(提供同声传译耳机)


• 基金/资产管理
• 证券交易员及交易主管
• 交易所
• 技术人员及系统专家
• 机构投资者
• 证券经纪及中介人
• 交易买卖主管财务总监 / 投资总监 / 技术总监
• 监管机构
• 监察及稽核


• 监管法规变革探讨
• 国内基金交易分析
• 交易所技术和FIX协定的最新发展
• 算法交易策略的应用趋势
• 股票和外汇交易成本分析的最新发展
• 高频交易和黑池 - 业界及监管机构的见解
• 环球及中国电子交易技术及工具探讨
• QDII交易後解决方案

Connecting the FIX Community

In support of FIX Protocol Limited, GlobalTrading Face2Face Electronic Trading Forum Series were launched in 2008 as an impartial and objective forum to explore the dynamic world of electronic trading and connectivity.

This "must attend" full-day event has been created to provide the China trading community with the opportunity to:

  • Explore the key issues that will impact your firm's ability to trade efficiently
  • Benefit from an agenda that has been created 100% by the industry, for the industry
  • Hear the thoughts and impartial perspectives of leading experts on the issues that matter to your firm
  • Attend an event that has gained significant industry commitment, input and feedback to ensure it is an invaluable conference for buy-side, sell-side, exchange/ECN and vendor delegates
  • Network with leading brokers, trading platforms and technology providers

Face2Face Forum series are designed as a platform for the buy-side and sell-side to discuss the latest issues on electronic trading and FIX. The 2013 series will focus on the technological issues of electronic trading and explore the new tools that are available.

The Forum features lively debates between experts; a series of presentations, panel discussions and delegate driven Q&A sessions.

Topics to be discussed
  • Regional Regulatory Updates
  • Analysis of the China Mutual Fund Industry
  • Exchanges Technology and FIX Protocol Updates
  • The Algorithmic Trading Trends
  • Trade Cost Analysis For Equities and FX - The Buy-side Perspective
  • HFT and Dark Pool - The Regulator's View
  • The Changing Landscape of Electronic Trading and Tools
  • Post Trade Issues for QDII

Registration is now open for Shanghai, 2013. Please register now to reserve your seat!

Admission for this event is Free but by invitation only (registration and approval is required).
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